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What to look for in a studio apartment

Studio apartments are different in many ways, when you compare them with other types of properties. One of the main advantages of taking up a studio apartment is that they are cheap. Thus, looking for a roommate just to save rent is not the first thing that will come to your mind, before moving in.

You would think after living in a one bedroom or with your parents in the suburbs, before graduating school, adjusting into a studio apartment will be a major task.

What to look for in a studio apartment
But it is not that difficult as it looks, in fact moving into a studio apartment which suits your needs and for that purpose meets your budget is not such a big transition after all.

Here are some of the reason why you should prefer a studio apartment, over a one bedroom.

Space: Compared to decent one bedroom apartments, studios will have a lot more vertical space which can be a bit confusing at first to adjust to. But you can use most of this space to create shelves and cabinets, utilizing the height instead. Granted there will be limited horizontal space, but it won’t make much of a difference if you can get used to the fact that you might have a larger than normal ceiling limit which actually sound kind of cool.

Downsizing: When you are transitioning from a big space to a studio apartment, you might find it tricky to adjust all the extra stuff. The solution is to pile most of the things into the newly closet space designed to make the most of the ceiling height. This will ensure you don’t make the small studio look cluttered and cramped beyond comfort.

Look for the essentials: Moving into a studio apartment doesn’t necessarily mean that you give up your stove and cooking appliances, just because space is an issue. Look for an apartment which can still fit the essentials like a gas stove, cooking countertops, even a dishwasher for that matter. It all depends on the design of the apartment and the fact that how smartly can you use the space to make most of the layout as is.

All the above points will help you to look for a studio apartment which still feels like a one bedroom. The main point is you should not under any circumstance compromise on the living space, after everything is said and done.

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