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Things you need to know about clayton modular homes

Modular homes as the names suggest are prefabricated living spaces designed on a specific theme or as requested by the client. Home companies are now following this method to manufacture all the structure components off site and then simply assemble them on site, to build a beautiful living space for you and your family. This process is more cost effective and efficient, not to mention time saving since prefabricated structures are easy to manufacture and mass produce.

Things you need to know about clayton modular homes

Modular homes are fabricated in sections and then assembled together like a big toy set. They are real houses which are eligible for all the particulars of any other type of residential property. This property will depreciate over time just like any other normal property, and the fact that they are nothing more than pieces of house put together doesn’t affect its treatment.

One of the companies amongst many other who specialize in modular homes is Clayton. Clayton is a big strong team with over 13400 members who have helped families build their dream homes for over 60 years now. Clayton has been providing affordable home and quality living spaces since 1956 with projects ranging from traditional site built homes, modular homes, manufactures homes, college dormitories, apartments and even military barracks.

Clayton features Energy shared certified homes, which boasts a number of benefits. Energy star homes by Clayton are less expensive compared to your standard homes, because of low utility costs. Energy efficiency also ensures more comfortable and quieter homes. Effective insulation ensures you stay warm during the winters and enjoy a cool breeze with energy efficient cooling, not having to worry about the electricity bill. These home are built with attention to detail which helps eliminate drafts, moisture, dust, petals, pests and pollen. This also improves the quality of air inside and ensures an overall healthy living.

Modular homes may be constructed in a different way, but they are not so different than regular housing.

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